5 Crafting Trends to Look Out for in 2023
Pei Lin
30 Dec 2022

Even as Covid restrictions begin to ease, handmade products and small–craft businesses that popped up during the pandemic are still on the rise. As people got accustomed to online shopping, coupled with more physical pop-up events occurring, the demand for handmade crafts are on the rise.

Let's explore some crafting trends of 2023 to help you kickstart or expand your crafting business!

  • Unique/Customizable Product

  • 1_unique-customizable product

    Uniqueness is the biggest differentiator you can offer that mass-market stores are unable to. You are selling a one-of-a-kind item that is handcrafted by a unique pair of hands.

    In addition, customers love being part of the creative process when they are able to customize their products or choose a unique piece that suits their needs.

    Lastly, thinking about your products' unique selling point would make you stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

  • Self-care Products

  • 2_self-care-products

    It comes as no surprise that Singaporeans live fast-paced and stressful lives. With mental health being highly advocated, many individuals are learning to prioritise self-care and one's well-being. Therefore, products that target relaxation or mindfulness will be the next big thing.

    Many products fall under this category, ranging from essential oils, candles, bath bombs, facial masks, handcrafted teas and even daily journals! The list is endless and the possibilities are boundless.

  • Products with a Story

  • 3_products-with-a -story

    On top of personalized items, personalized brands attract customers as well. Having a strong and clear brand story helps communicate your brand values and why customers should choose you. It shapes your business and products into something approachable and relatable. Very often, craft customers are seeking for unique products and a crafter/brand that they can connect with. Don't be afraid to appeal to their emotions, but don't go overboard, stay faithful to your brand.

  • Instagramable

  • 4_instagramable

    Does your craft look amazing and photogenic enough to be “instagramable”? Instagram has been the platform for most businesses, especially smaller businesses, to showcase and connect with their customers. In addition, customers love to seek photogenic places, food and items to spice up their Instagram profile. So much so that “instagramable” has officially become an adjective. Not only does having an “instagramable” product attract customers, it can also garner free publicity when customers share about them online.

  • Sustainability

  • 5_sustainability

    Another way to market your product is through sustainability.

    The sustainability trend has been around for a long time and it is still gaining traction, especially among younger generations. This ranges from upcycling materials, eco-friendly packaging, to items that support sustainability such as tote bags or cloth face masks.

    Consider pivoting your business towards a more sustainable approach by making small tweaks in your model! This could be opting for eco-friendly packaging, using ethically-sourced materials, or even offering reusable packaging materials!