Delivery Services for your eCommerce Business
Pei Lin
04 Dec 2022

Something all eCommerce businesses could not survive without is a sustainable and reliable delivery service. No matter the industry or the size of your business, being able to deliver your goods safely to the client is very important. Good delivery service would not only increase customer satisfaction but also save you a lot of time and trouble.

Other than price, some things to consider when choosing your delivery service for your business would be, the size of your product, lead time, perishability of your product and reliability of the delivery handlers.
For small crafts items, clothes and accessories, a small packaging and longer lead time would be possible. While for food items, same-day/ instant delivery or on-demand delivery would be a better choice.

We collated a list of the best delivery options for deliveries within Singapore depending on your business needs.

Same day/ Instant delivery Grab Express. PickUpp, Qxpress
Small Packaging with lead time Singpost, ParknParcel, Ninjavan, Qxpress, PickUpp
Big Packaging Lalamove, Qxpress
  • Singpost
  • singpost

    Everyone is familiar with Singpost, one of the most iconic delivery systems in Singapore and also one of the cheapest. While there are many different types of services, they now offer more convenience with their smartpac and PolyM postage-paid services that send to your customer’s letterbox. Mail your items hassle free with no weight limit, buying stamps and queuing at the post office. Just purchase your smartpac or PolyM bags, pack them and drop them off at any posting box.
    Smartpac offers tracking services while PolyM doesn't. Delivery lead time is about 2-3 days.

    PolyM (S/M) $2
    Smartpac (S; 220mm x 150mm) $2.15 - $2.35
    Smartpac (M; 330mm X 240mm) $2.15 - $2.45
    Smartpax Box (300mm X 190mm X65mm) $3.15
  • Ninja Van
  • ninjavan

    Ninja van offers 3 forms of delivery services that aim to support all types of business. For small growing eCommerce businesses, we would recommend either their post-paid poly mailer or their prepaid regular service depending on your business requirements.

    Ninja Pack Postage-paid poly mailer

    Comes in different sizes with no weight limit. It comes in a pack of 5 or 20 and the price varies based on bundle purchases, size and type of packing purchase.

    Size Price
    XS (230mm x 170mm) $3.20 - $3.80
    S (350mm x 250mm) $3.58 - $4.08
    M (470mm x 330mm) $3.90 - $4.80

    Prepaid Regular Service

    For slightly bigger parcels that cannot fit into the poly mailer

    Extra Large
    (1 - 3 days anytime)
    $4.00 $5.00 $9.00 $12.00
    Next Day
    $4.50 $5.50 $10.50 $13.00
    Next Day Timeslot
    (3 - 4 hours)
    $6.00 $9.00 $12.00 $14.50

    With a lead-time of 1 - 3 days, dashboard and tracking system, and numerous convenient drop-off locations, Ninja Van offers you an easy delivery experience. In addition, Ninja van provides 3 delivery attempts in case of failed delivery attempts.

  • Parknparcel
  • parknparcel

    Parknparcel is a new tech-based logistics network. They provide doorstep delivery from 3.95/parcel and parker point delivery from $2.50/parcel. They offer free home pickup with a min of 5 parcels for their doorstep delivery service and bulk discounts. ParknParcel is highly reliable and aims to provide long-term support and scalability for all business needs. All their parcels have 24/7 tracking with an all-in-one dashboard for you to track and create your delivery orders. Their delivery has a lead time of 2-3 days and they do not conduct deliveries on Sundays.

  • Grab Express
  • grabexpress

    We are all no strangers to Grab and Grab express works the same way as grab taxi. The best part is you don't need to download an additional app or even learn how to use it. Grab express offers a low base price but high per-km fees. So it is best for short-distance on-demand ad-hoc delivery only. The best part is Grab Express offers insurance of up to $500 for all deliveries. Operates daily from 7 am - 11 pm.

    Fees Weight and Size limit
    4 hours
    (No food allowed)
    $5, $9 or $28 base price (depending on distance) 2kg, 30cm x 25cm x 12cm
    90 mins (Bike) $5 base price + $1/km (first 5km) + $0.7/km (after) 5kg, 32cm x 25cm x 12cm
    90 mins (Car) $9 base price + $1.2/km (first 5km) + $0.7/km (after) 20kg, 70cm x 50cm x 50cm
    90 mins (Van) $28 base price + $0.7/km 50kg, 160cm x 120cm x 100cm
  • Pickupp
  • pickupp

    Pickupp has been an up-and-rising new delivery service in Singapore best known for its on-demand delivery. They offer competitive prices and also a huge range of delivery options. For businesses, they offer cash back and bulk discounts for you with API integration for Shopify and Woocomerce. In addition, they are also experienced in the delivery of food products and also insurance of up to $200 for your peace of mind.

    Express Delivery (1-2hours) From $9
    4 Hour Delivery From $8
    Same day Delivery From $6.60
    1 - 3 day Delivery From $2.80
  • Lalamove
  • lalamove

    Lalamove provides on-demand delivery (both time and date can be indicated) with a full suite of vehicles with different rates and prices. Check out their prices here. The best thing about Lalamove is the driver would help with the moving and loading of the goods. Best for when you have large and bulky items to deliver.

  • Qxpress
  • qxpress

    Qxpress offers the best price for large parcels although all their prices are pretty competitive. However, a downside for Qxpress with its confusing and not user-friendly interface. But if you managed to get past that hurdle, Qxpress would be a great delivery option for your business.

    Next-Day Delivery

    Next-day delivery does not offer timeslot choices, therefore food items are not prohibited.

    Weight Price
    Under 5kg $4.30
    10kg $6.90
    15kg $9.90
    20kg $12.90
    25kg $15.90
    30kg $19.90

    3 Hours Express Delivery

    Able to select a pickup and drop off timeslot with a weight limit of up to 30kg
    Able to accept food orders and perishable items.

    Under 5km $6.99
    Above 5km $6.99 + $1/KM
  • Axonfreshsg
  • axonfresh

    An honorary mention to Axonfreshsg because they specialized in the delivery of perishable goods in a temperature-controlled food-safe manner. Prices go as low as $8 with a surcharge for items less than 10kg or 40cm x 25cm x 25cm in size. They do not offer on-demand delivery, pickups are from 0800 - 1100 and delivery will be from 1200 - 2200 on weekdays and 1830 on weekends. You just need to submit your delivery list by 5 pm the day prior.